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Ansley Mater

Ansley Mater is a Denver native who first started to dance at the age of 2 years. She began her dance career at Cherry Creek Dance under the instruction of Stephanie Prosenjak, Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck, and Tami Bing. Invited to join the performing company at the age of 5, she has done many performances as an official company member including dancing on the island of Waikiki, HI at the Hula a Kala dance intensive. Through Stephanie Prosenjak, Ansley was invited to perform with the Denver Bronco Junior Cheerleaders and The Denver Nuggets games both pregame and at halftime. She advanced her training at the Academy of Colorado Ballet under the guidance and encouragement of Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck, Tami Bing, Brian Young, Diane Caputo-Patzer, and Janelle Cooke. She was a major part of the performing and competing company Aspirations later known as The Colorado Ballet Ensemble and developed a strong love for competing and performing. Performance credits with Colorado Ballet include an Angel, Sugarplum Attendant, Party Girl, and Party Boy in The Nutcracker and a Wedding Attendant in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


She is a graduate of Classic Dance Academy and a former competing and performing member of Classic Dancers’. At CDA she trained with Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck, Catherine Board, Staci Kinkead-Fox, Maria Mosina, Patricia Renzetti, Heather Marsh-Shieck, Jacob Mora, Brooke Casady, Mallauri Esquibel, and Gwen Tripp. With Classic Dance Academy, her performance credits include Paquita, Diamond Fairy in Sleeping Beauty, Winter Fairy in Cinderella, and Snowflake, Flower, Harlequin Doll, Chinese, and the Sugarplum Fairy in The Nutcracker. Through CDA, she has received multiple scholarships from New York City Dance Alliance, Kids Artistic Revue, and NUVO Dance Convention. She has had the privilege of training in all styles of dance and has great appreciation for the growth and development through all styles of dance.


Ms. Mater is incredibly excited to teach at CDA-her former dance home! She greatly looks forward to engaging her students in the dance world, enjoys encouraging personal growth through dance, and developing skills of discipline, focus, and high self esteem.


Alisa Felin

Alisa Felin has been a dancer for nearly as long as she has known how to speak. The language of dancing has taken Ms. Felin around the world, and back again, to the heart of her beginnings, experiencing the joyful, meaningful discoveries found within dance.  Ms. Felin began her career as a dancer at the age of three at a dance studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. There began a lifelong passion for dance, including Tap, Jazz, and Ballet, along with the fundamentals for what would become an impressive dance career.

Ms. Felin is an award-winning Dupree Dance Competition performer whose dance studies notably include intensive study under the renowned Jean Paul Comelin at The School of Arizona Ballet.

While attending Arizona State University to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Sociology, Ms. Felin's studies included collegiate level Modern Dance, Improvisation, and Ballet. The rigors of collegiate training prepared Ms. Felin for a prominent role pursuing her lifelong dance passion; Ms. Felin danced for three years as a professional cheerleader, earning a noteworthy position with The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders as Captain.

Upon earning her degree from ASU, Ms. Felin was distinguished with an invitation to join Cheerleaders of America, an elite group of dancers featuring former NFL cheerleaders. In her role within the organization, Ms. Felin performed for military troops around the world, traveling to destinations worldwide, including Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.  Pursuing her dance passion around the world, Ms. Felin eventually returned to her roots upon moving to Denver in 2004. The joy of childhood dance and instruction is where Ms. Felin's passion for the art began, and it is where she has invested her talent and heart. 

Ms. Felin has spent nearly the last decade as a dance instructor specializing in Creative Dance, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet, while raising her three children alongside her husband Paul.  Ms. Felin joins Classic Dance Academy after having spent four years as a highly regarded and sought after children’s instructor with Academy of Colorado Ballet, as well as a former instructor at Cherry Creek Dance and Sweatshop Dance.  Her dance passion enlivens all aspects of her life, passion, and joy, including her entrepreneurial spirit. Ms. Felin owns and operates Alisa’s Dance Party (www.alisasdanceparty.com), offering premiere entertainment for children's dance parties in the Denver area.

With wholehearted kindness, exceptional talent, and warm radiance, Ms. Felin is a standout among standouts. She is passionately aligned with the stellar principles and integrity of Classic Dance Academy and eager to work alongside, once again her former colleague and friend, Michelle Dolighan-Rodenbeck.